Success Coach | 3 Reasons Why People Aren’t Successful
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3 Reasons Why People Aren’t Successful

There is no “one size fits all” definition of success…

Here’s mine: to live with such abundance that money or time never holds me back from pursuing my purpose. 

When I am walking in my flow…using my natural gifts to create and impact…surrounded by people I love…in an environment that inspires…that’s when I feel most ALIVE! And the truth is, having the time freedom to do those things takes m.o.n.e.y.

If I didn’t have a successful business, I wouldn’t be able to travel around the world for months at a time, soak in the culture and views while continuing to teach, train and mentor. Instead, I would have to fight traffic 5 days/week; to be tethered to an office and an unfulfilling job, with the hope of getting the time off I ask for, to maybe retreat to a beach for a couple weeks every year to feel peaceful. All to pay the bills.

There’s nothing wrong with a job. But I decided early on in life I would do whatever it takes to be successful (based on my personal definition)- and the lifestyle I want requires entrepreneurship.

I wasn’t born to be mediocre. I want the BEST. And I know you do too.

Here are the three major traps that keep people from being successful:

1- Quitting.

Flat out, giving up. Moving on in hopes that the next shiny opportunity will be easier and faster. The reality is, success is hard and gritty and takes immense focus. There are huge obstacles to overcome, and it takes a persistent determination to see goals through. It’s not a mystery why very few people see the success they want in life: our culture has made it terribly easy to quit.

Don’t be like the majority. Be bold. And don’t ever quit your daydream.  

2- Inability to get along with others. 

Being successful will undoubtedly require you to work with other people. If you do not become masterful at relationships, it will hold you back in a big, big way. This means- not acting like a victim if things don’t go your way. Stop blaming your coworker, your business partner, your teammate, your boss. Take responsibility. If confrontation occurs, always ask yourself first, “what could I have done better, here?”

Master the art of relationships through communication and empathy.

3- Procrastination.

Putting off decisions means delaying action. No action = no success. I have always taken the “ready, fire, aim” approach in business and it has served me well. Massive action solves all problems! And usually, that means doing before you feel super confident or have all the details.

Define the ONE THING your dream needs and immediately take that step. TODAY!

Have you ever sat down and defined what success looks like to you..?

I encourage you to start there- so you know WHY you are going to stay the course and overcome these common roadblocks that keep many from their destiny.

I would love to hear what success looks like to you. Email it my way and be sure to sign up for my #HustleSmarter Blueprint as I give you 7 days of free training on the mindset required to be successful.

Make it an epic day, champion!!

Ciao for now,


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