Success Coach | Gym, Work, Life: 6 Genius Ways To Get It All Done
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Gym, Work, Life: 6 Genius Ways To Get It All Done

As a personal trainer, business coach, and voracious student of what propels humans forward in life- I’ve noticed a crystal clear difference between people who have massive fulfillment, joy and success in their lives- and people who are constantly holding themselves back from obtaining a life they absolutely love…


I know, so not sexy. But #truth.

When you’re clear on your priorities, making decisions and upholding commitments becomes a piece of cake– laziness is no longer an option– because your priorities are in line with your goals, and your goals are steps on the way to big, audacious dreams.

And DREAMS are what get us out of bed in the morning.

So, instead of attempting to teach you how to have balance in your life (how’s that working out for you, btw…?), I am going to address what you MUST do to walk into a life that makes you giddy with excitement in the morning and brings you an unparalleled peace when you lay your head on the pillow at night.

1. Map out your schedule every Sunday.

Workouts, recurring appointments, and pre-planned events are all in my schedule at least a week in advance.

When I wake up on Tuesdays, I know exactly what my workout calls for. When I’ve committed to attend an event, there is no question I will be there.

I even schedule in the times I go shopping, and always know exactly what I am after. I don’t just shop to shop. My mom used to joke that I had a “mall walk”. When we got to the mall, I instantly started walking faster and with more intention as I was on a mission to conquer my purchasing needs. Eye of the tiger.

This may seem a bit rigid, but there is no doubt that the people you admire for their healthy bodies, great relationships, and thriving careers- respect the power of being disciplined with a schedule.

Get it together. This is called #adulting.

Ready to take your daily routine to the next level?


2. Stop saying yes to invites not aligned with your priorities.

When you’re clear on your goals, and therefore clear on priorities, it shouldn’t be such a challenge to say no to invites that are not congruent with your mission and season in life.

But- it is, because we (especially women) hate letting people down. Stresses us out. So instead of politely declining, we continue to say yes to things that no longer serve our mission! It’s usually irrelevant whether we want to do them or not.

For example, OF COURSE I want to have happy hour on a Tuesday with my girlfriend. But, if I’ve made a promise to myself to get a blog posted by Wednesday and it’s not finished- I will say no. Because I’m on a mission to directly help 50 people uncover their purpose and start a side-business in 2016. And blogging is an avenue to reach more people.

On your quest to do great things and become more, there will be distractions at every turn. Friends may even intentionally try to lure you off track because the fact that you are working towards your dreams shines a light on how they, um, aren’t. Watch out for this. 

Pray for wisdom when making decisions and saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

3. When you’re doing something, be all in on it. 

Many, many studies have shown multi-tasking to actually be harmful to productivity. Two great books on this subject are Essentialism and The One Thing.

I’m currently writing this article with my wifi turned off and my phone in the other room. I’m all in on it. 

When you’re at the gym, have your playlist ready to go and be all-in on your workout. Give yourself 30 minutes, for goodness sakes!

When you’re at your job, put your focus into what you’re getting paid to do. Stop reading this blog 😉

When you’re with your partner, put your phone on silent. Commit to the quality time. You will survive without another selfie doing cool things (guilty, here).

Give yourself permission to focus.

Need help with focus?

4. Allow designated time in your schedule for creativity, meditation, and complete bliss.

Designating time for PURE JOY is essential.

I lay on the couch for about 20 minutes every. single. day. It’s usually when I transition from a certain business focus to another. And it’s yummy. Then I drink a Spark and get ready to crush round 2.

Maybe for you it’s an evening walk with your puppy. A bubble bath with candles and The Weeknd. Splitting a delicious bottle of wine with your hunny and spooning.

Don’t ignore whatever it is that makes your lips curl up in delight.

5. Share your dreams with those closest to you.

A friend of mine recently opened Overflow Taps about two hours north and I messaged to say we were thinking of making a day trip to come support and check out the craft beers. Two days before I let him know it wasn’t going to work out this time because a business prospect reached out to me and wanted to meet that same day. My entrepreneur friend said, “Something I thought about today is that Entrefriends are always understanding when plans don’t quite work out due to things like focus and business. It’s kinda nice :)”

Yes, it is. It’s nice when your friends and family know you are on a mission and as there is an opportunity cost at stake with time, these types of decisions come up constantly. It’s nice to not have to explain yourself.

Same goes with striving for new levels of fitness. Share with your crew that you are determined to get stronger, sleep better, and pull on those size 4s again. Good friends will respect your decision to pass on a late night, or order the salad and soda water with lime. I highly doubt Beyonce’s loved ones question her when she chooses the fish and veggies over the burger and fries.

Speak your goals boldly and avoid the exhausting need to constantly justify your choices.

6. Don’t let a boss or client dictate your schedule.

If you really, truly, deeply want the freedom to design your day and call the shots in your life- and isn’t in the cards (is that a real thing??)- your best option is to start a side business. A plan b income. Something you can grow to allow you to become not only the CEO of your business…but of your LIFE!

It’s not about not working- it’s about doing work on your terms.

Doing work that makes your heart explode in a happy dance. Doing work that doesn’t necessarily require 60 hours/week, $20/day in parking and long commutes in traffic…but 30 hours/week of focused, intentional work. From wherever.

Stop blaming others for your lack of time- admit you live in a free country, with opportunity at every corner…and make a change!

I know change is hard. So is discipline, and scheduling, and saying no. Or yes. Depending on the situation.

But you know what’s so much harder?

Drifting through life feeling like you can’t get ahead. Constantly wishing you could do something different with your time. Always putting your talents and gifts and deep desires aside- to adhere to the lifestyle others expect from you.

You CAN get it all done. And by all, I mean the things that matter MOST.

Your calling. Your family. Your health. Your experiences.

Take one of these six steps and start applying it to your life. And JOIN THE RESET. I teach you exactly what I did to escape the daily grind and build a residual income.

Your dreams are worth it.

Ciao for now!



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