Success Coach | 5 Signs You Aren’t Hustling Smart
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5 Signs You Aren’t Hustling Smart

I’m surrounded by hustle.

Besides witnessing the cost of living rise about 40% (not actual data), being a long-time resident of South Lake Union, I have watched the great Amazon take up residence and completely transform the neighborhood.

Now, I’m a capitalist at heart and all for big business creating jobs and healthy competition so don’t even think I’m gonna go there- but what I have been so keenly aware of is the amount of super intelligent, hardworking people who choose to pour ungodly amounts of hours into work they don’t love, for bosses they can’t stand, for a career they feel indifferent about, for the hope of (maybe) getting stock or (at least!) a resume booster for the next job. All at the expense of their health, their time, their sanity, their dreams.

And this type of hustle doesn’t just come from those working for a large company.

The amount of personal trainers I’ve met over the last nine years in the fitness industry who work 12-hour days and have absolutely no long-term plan for building wealth is alarmingly high. Same with hairstylists. Nannies. Teachers. Basically anyone who has a cap on their earning potential due to industry averages or hours in the day.

If you absolutely love your job so much you would do it for free and really do not care about having financial freedom, the rest of this article is not for you. But I’m guessing, you are reading for a reason…

So, my millennial counterparts, what is your plan?  Do you want more for your life? Or are you hoping your retirement account will suffice by age 65 and THEN you can finally do what you want with your time?

My obsession to teach people how to #HustleSmarter keeps growing by the minute. Too many people are burying their true dreams and talents to earn a paycheck. Too many people feel stuck. Too many people are living in silent desperation and need a mindset shift to break free.

In essence, hustling smart means investing blood, sweat and tears into projects and businesses that will pay residually and allow you to design your life instead of allowing a job, salary, or clients dictate your decisions.

Here are 5 indicators you aren’t hustling smart:

1. You think that “going back to school” equals bigger paycheck. 

There are those that go back to school because they are truly convicted about a certain career path; and then there are those who go back to school because it is the respected and honorable next step without having to come up with a real plan for their life.

Perhaps another degree will slightly increase your income and credibility, but I’ve also seen it simply add loads of debt, stress, and distraction if it is for the wrong reasons.

NEWSFLASH: Many, many millionaires in our nation do not have an undergrad, let alone a master’s degree.

Now, I’m not anti-school, here. If it is your life’s dream to be a teacher, doctor, lawyer- then by ALL means do what it takes to get the higher education you need.

But also know, the incredible amount of hours you will be pouring into studying, getting to class, and freaking out about tests- could also be used in real-life situations by learning alongside a mentor who has what you want. And making money doing it.

Don’t go back to school because it sounds cool. Make sure it is necessary for what you want to spend your time doing long-term, and if it isn’t, find someone who is living the lifestyle you want and ask for direction. You’ll build wealth much faster this way.

2. You’ve been chipping away at the same credit card for three years. 

Barely making a dent in your credit card debt for several years is a clear indicator you are in the exact same financial position (or worse) and therefore, are not hustling smart.

Your income should be growing year by year if you are hustling smart. But if you have debt, instead of growing your lifestyle alongside it, throw the money at debt and then slowly build your lifestyle after you have a solid savings and investment strategy in place.

If your paychecks are not growing every year, inflation is kicking your booty. And paying off debt becomes a long, drawn out process of trying to live way under your means. Time to #HustleSmarter.

Read more tips on debt-freedom HERE

3. You have no plan for personal growth. 

What book are you reading right now? What do you listen to? What conferences do you have lined up for 2016? Who do you spend time with? What is your process for goal-setting?

I was taught by a millionaire early on, the more I learn about leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, and people- the more valuable I become. And the more valuable I become, the more impact I can make.

If you are not committed to growing your skills, you aren’t thinking about the future. Hustling smart is about understanding leverage; the more you put in now, the more you get later. Opposed to just hustling for the sake of survival, where you have to continue putting in more and more to get about the same result year after year.

Are you ready to escape the grind and learn how to #HustleSmarter? Let’s schedule a time to talk Vision & Strategy 

4. You aren’t building something. 

“If you don’t build your own dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.” #truthbomb

People who hustle smarter think about everything in terms of investment.

They build skills, they build brands, they build products, they build teams. They don’t just show up for a paycheck; they show up for their life’s work. 

My father-in-law knows how to hustle smarter. He has spent many years crushing it in the corporate world, hustling and building the dreams of pharmaceutical execs- but he also started building a winery on the side five years ago. He will not only be retiring with a pension, but with his plan B working and providing a vehicle to pursue his passion.

What are you building?

5. You can’t take time off without it putting you behind. 

In May 2010 my sister was having a baby and she asked me to be there. After looking at my schedule I told her I couldn’t make the trip because I needed the $455 I was poised to earn that day. I felt trapped. My life owned by the bills in my mailbox. And I cried.

In June 2011 I took one week off from personal training and had to spend two months making up for the income loss. That’s when I drew the line and made a lifelong commitment to #HustleSmarter.

My friend, Steph, started hustling smart and building her business in 2012, and when a family member got ill, she was able to take weeks off without worrying about income loss. Freedom.

Because I started hustling smart in 2011, I was able to have an epic adventure with my husband in Turkey this past July for three weeks. I didn’t take a single phone call, text message, or email- and I came home to $7,400 deposited in my bank account. Freedom.

If you are self-employed and worried about losing hours to travel or spend time with family, you are not hustling smart. If you are employed and worried about asking for time off because you’ll get super behind on work or your boss will look down on you, you are not hustling smart.

Is it worth it to you to break out of your comfort zone and start living in freedom?

I know this message can be hard to swallow. You might be mad at me for a few hours. Confronting reality can be scary because it means something has to change if you want a different result.

But today I’m less concerned with you liking me and more concerned with helping you make that first step towards freedom in your life.

Because it is really, really, ridiculously, awesome.

There are people who are very fulfilled with their career and bank account- and there are those who live for the weekend and have no long-term plan in place.

Which one are you?

As always, here to help.

Ciao for now!


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