Body Testimonials

“AdvoCare has done so much for my family! I’ve maintained a weight loss of 30 lbs and over 33 inches since March 2017! With the help of Advocare products and the balanced nutrition principles I learned, I continue to tone & build muscle despite my physical disabilities. AdvoCare will be in my life forever!”

– Laura Snyder

“2 years ago we settled for being stressed, tired, and living without regard for our long-term health. After feeling fed up with fatigue and general unhappiness in my appearance, I got started with an AdvoCare 24 Day Jumpstart. I lost 8 pounds, started feeling awesome energy, and learned how to eat to fuel my body properly. 2 years later, my husband & I have lost a combined 50 pounds and incorporate healthy habits into our daily lives! We are so proud of our progress and continue to pursue this active and healthy lifestyle!!”

– Bryan & Diane Dearinger

“The ONE80 program with Advocare was the best decision I ever made! Not only did I reach my goal dropping two sizes, but I learned the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This was the first time I’ve seen the results and kept them off!”

– Alyssa Dundon-Harris