Sofia's Birth Story

I fell on my knees face-first into my couch and sobbed, begging for this nightmare to be over already. I had nothing left. I hit my emotional wall. The cramps just below my belly button were so intense it was all I could do to curl up in a ball and pray for immediate healing. We had to go to the ER- again. This would be the 4th time in five weeks. James could barely handle it. I explained I felt all the same frustrated feels but additionally was in physical pain. The last five weeks have brought out the highest of highs and lowest of lows .... extreme joy, lots of tears, sleepless nights, recovering from surgery and infection, excessive baby snuggles, becoming a milk factory…

Preparing For A Home Birth

The Lord is the source of my confidence. I’m walking in victory and praying for a healthy birth here in our home. Preparations have been made; my midwife team is exceptional. I was born at home, and it honestly never crossed my mind to plan our births any other way. James has been in complete agreement since day one as well.

My Prenatal Fitness & Nutrition Routine

I am very comfortable with my body, even with the extra cellulite, the loss of muscle and the double chin no filter can hide. I’m owning every stage of this journey and am loving this feminine energy...

Finding Surrender In Pregnancy

I’ve never been a highly anxious person. Sure, I can find myself wrestling with “what ifs” and can certainly get nervous before taking big risks, but never anything debilitating. And then I started growing a human inside of me.

Living An Examined Life

One of the most challenging parts of being a Christian is learning to follow God’s mission instead of my own mission.

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