Bank Account Testimonials

“I had many dreams I thought would never be fulfilled due to finances so I put them on a shelf and forgot about them. The extra income with AdvoCare has not only allowed me to take them off the shelf again but fulfill them.  My first dream was paying cash for a ministry trip with my mom, then a few years later I felt the call to move to Phoenix to pursue a new adventure. AdvoCare allowed me to leave my full-time job and move to Phoenix. Angie has been a constant inspiration and example of living life to the fullest and impacting others. With her by my side, I am now pursuing dreams I never imagined, dreaming bigger dreams with the expectation they will be fulfilled and sharing this opportunity with others around the nation.” 

– Jessie Christensen

“Angie Garner has made a huge impact in my life. When I was introduced to her in 2014 through AdvoCare, I was a lost kid, thinking I understood life. Since working with her I’ve grown so much. She’s taught me what it means to be a leader, to be fierce, and to never give up. She’s always supported me in all seasons of my life, and has helped my personal growth tremendously. Not only is she my mentor, she’s a friend, and a great friend to have. With her help and AdvoCare as our vehicle, my husband and I can live the life we want with our future family. Our savings is growing everyday and I’m excited to know that we are on our way to being financially free” 

– Heidi Matzen

“AdvoCare started as a way for me to find purpose outside of being a stay at home mom. The extra income has allowed us to say “yes” to the evolving extra desires to live a fuller life. It started with private school for our children; then it funded family vacations to Disneyland, a month in Germany while my husband was deployed, furnishing our new home, opening a fitness studio without worrying about turning a profit immediately, and next: a trip to Hawaii. All these things without having to say no to normal life expenses!!”

– Stephanie Doyle